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Mercedes-Benz GLK

Kelsey and Ken Are Styling in Their GLK

Congratulations to Kelsey and Ken on the purchase of their Mercedes-Benz GLK from Ben Saleh. Kelsey’s parents also own a GLK and Kelsey is excited to be taking home one of her own! Thank you Kelsey & Ken for your business! Happy motoring!


Pankaj Comes to Dharam for His GLK | Edmonton, AB

Dharam Taylor eats at Pankaj’s restaurant: Select Restaurant all the time! This time it was Pankaj that came to Dharam place of business and picked up a beautiful Mercedes-Benz GLK!

Thank you for the opportunity to do business with you. Go and check out Pankaj’s restaurant: www.selectrestaurant.ca


All The Right Features for Birmanie!


Birmanie Auclair came to the dealership with her boyfriend David. They were interested in getting in to a small SUV. When they came to the dealership, they were most impressed with the look and shape of the Mercedes-Benz GLK. When they left, they were very happy with the performance and features that can come in the GLK.

A few days later, Birmanie noticed online that we had just received another GLK that was white in color and had all of the features that she was looking for. She instantly knew that this was the vehicle for her!

The Mercedes-Benz GLK was chosen for the unique look and also to downsize from a truck. She is looking forward to having this as her own vehicle and saving money from the better fuel economy of the GLK.