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Zak Takes His Unimog 416 DOKA Home to Powell River, BC

Congratulations to our customers from Powell River, BC on the purchase of their 1986 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 416 DOKA!! They drove it the entire way home to Powell River, which took 4 days – 25 hours of diving, doing max 80 km/h! Below is a message from Zak!

“Hey Brandan. It’s Zak Forsyth. Thanks for being so cool with the Unimog and such. Trip back went well. 23- 25 hour drive time. Did almost 80 the whole way. That thing is a beast. Feels like you could go over anything haha!

The former owner apparently imported 2 Unimogs from Germany to use to help build run of river power projects in Powell River in 2008. My Unimog was in Powell River, made it to Edmonton and then, interestingly enough, We brought it back here/home without knowing members of B.C. The four-wheel drive association followed us from Merit on Facebook, according to Zakery, posting sightings of us in “orangy ” as we passed through different areas.”

Here are some updated pictures of them camping in Tofino at Green Point campsite in their Unimog!

Sales Team
Mercedes-Benz Edmonton West

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